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About Quinting

In the words of a Swiss president "Quinting watch manufacture represents the tradition of Swiss watch making and its future."

A 100% transparent wrist watch, where the hands seem to be floating in air, has always been a dream of watch makers, a dream that was said to be impossible to realize.

Five engineers (3 watch making engineers, 1 automotive engineer, and 1 electromechanical research engineer) started the project in 1993. Millions of dollars were invested over the course of seven years of research and development and in 1999, the first prototype was released. It was immediately recognized with the prestigious "Prix Officiel de la Revue des Montres" award.

Once the impossible was grasped, there was one more hurdle Quinting had to overcome, getting their watches on the market. With the impetus of Pascal Berclaz, current President of Quinting, the first Quinting watches appeared on the market in 2000. Since then, Quinting has been earning a distinguished reputation and challenging the most prestigious brand names. For the first time in the history of watch-making, the mechanism erases itself to make way for transparency and light, giving the impression that the hands are floating in air.

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